Professional Development

The goal of the Professional Development Committee is:

  • To organize programs that enhance the professional development of postdoctoral fellows at HMS/HSDM.
    We focus on events that improve postdocs’ soft skills and that complement the programming provided by the HMS/HSDM Office of postdocs. Within the next 6 months, we plan to organize a series of academic grant-writing events, which would include tutorials for beginner, intermediate and advanced level grant-writing workshop, as well as different types of grants (combined teaching and research, research-only etc.).
  • To organize an event for academic job application/interview, where experts will discuss the formats to write successful application components (e.g., research and teaching statements), and provide insights on job interview. 
  • To arrange a resume writing workshop, where the participants would get the chance to get their resume reviewed by experts.


HMPA Volunteer Review Group

We have recently established the HMPA volunteer Review Group as a part of Harvard Medical School’s Postdoctoral Association. The goal of our program is to facilitate fellow scientists to succeed in their publication process by providing constructive criticism on their manuscripts before the first submission or revision submissions.

We are currently recruiting postdocs from our community (HMS and affiliated hospitals) who are interested in reviewing manuscripts. This program will allow you to gain experience as a peer-reviewer and interact with others who share similar interests. If you’re interested, please sign up through the google form:

We also would like to invite you to submit manuscripts for review at no cost. Please email your manuscripts or abstracts to:

To avoid any conflict of interests and competition, our committee will carefully examine the relationship between our authors and volunteer reviewers, as well as those on our editorial board, as this will improve the reliability of our peer-review process. All content of the manuscripts will be kept confidential; only the editorial board and matched reviewers will have access to the assigned manuscript.

If you have any questions regarding the program, or if you are interested in submitting your manuscripts to the Harvard Medical Postdoctoral Association’s Review Group, please email Caroline Palavicino-Maggio at If you are interested in becoming a volunteer reviewer, please sign-up at:



Desgination Contact

Zlata Gvozdenov_Chair, Professional Development_2022-2023

Zlata Gvozdenov Chair

Contact us via email at