We engage with the broader scientific community to foster a supportive environment for all scientists to find mentors specific to their interests. We engage students, postdocs, and faculty of the Greater Boston Area to improve scientific training at every stage, both inside and outside of the laboratory.

Our focus is as follows:

1) Collaborate with the HMPA's efforts in the Teaching Institute. We would like to help them publicize their programs and help provide resources for those Postdocs who are interested in a teaching career.

2) "Faces of Science"- We want to establish a database of HMPA postdocs who are interested in being paired with a undergraduate or graduate student who are looking for a Postdoc mentor with similar personal and career interests. Since Harvard students already have full access to postdocs in their labs, we would like to make this program open to all undergraduate and graduate students in the Greater Boston Area. I think there are many young students out there who are in a primarily student-driven institutions that can benefit from building a relationship with an HMPA postdoc. We plan to visit these institutions (Simmons, Emmanuel, MCPHS, BU, BC, Tufts, UMass etc.) to promote our program and recruit mentees. We will also have to recruit Postdocs for this.

3) "Postdoc Buddy"- Another database of HMPA postdocs for prospective or new postdocs in Longwood area. This is a postdoc-to-postdoc mentoring system to help new postdoc become settled in Boston. We can hold events to advertise our program and recruit Postdoc volunteers to be a part of our database.

4) Join our HMPA Affinity groups! To sign up for the HMPA Women's Affinity group contact: lkozicky@bwh.harvard.edu

We, as a committee, are really excited to make this change and looking forward to putting these projects in motion. 



Designation Contact

Rose De Guzman

Co-Chair  RMDEGUZMAN@mgh.harvard.edu
Sorouri_Kimia_Outreach 2022-2023 Kimia Sorouri Co-Chair


Contact us via email at hmpaoutreach@gmail.com