We foster and support interest in biomedical venture creation across the Postdoctoral student community. This initiative is a key node in a cross-Harvard collaboration to harness the expertise, intellect, and creative vitality of scientists and clinicians by developing relevant skills, awareness, and partnerships. Events and programs will center around the multilateral exchange of knowledge and action with the entrepreneurial and business communities, with the ultimate goal of empowering Postdocs to unlock their own innovative potential.

Whether you want to solve a problem by creating a business or you are exploring the idea of entrepreneurship, we'll help you in whatever way we can. This HMPA initiative will cater to Postdocs from HMS and affiliated hospitals in their pursuit of an entrepreneurial dream. 

Does your business tell a story? Are you having a team of right people? Are you looking for a mentor for your venture? Is your business ready for incubation rounds? Does your visa allow you to work in your startup on the side? These are the questions we will try to answer through some events and programs throughout the year. 

In short, we want to assist you in the journey of Ideate, Create and Ship.



Designation Contact
Jinyu Li_Chair, Entrepreneurship_2022-2023

Jinyu Li

Chair jinyu_li@hms.harvard.edu
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Contact us via email at hmpa_entrepreneurship@listserv.med.harvard.edu