Postdoc Recipes: a cookbook by the HMPA

September 27, 2020

CookbookWe invite you to share your recipe for the HMPA cookbook, "Postdoc Recipes". Inspired by many great cookbooks that have come out from scientific research institutes showcasing recipes from researchers such as the Martinos cookbook and the GSAS Cookbook, we have decided to compile a collection of recipes by the Harvard Medical School postdoc community! Please submit your tried and true, go-to, favourite recipe that you love to cook! Please check out a preview of the cookbook - I will be adding the recipe submissions as I receive them. We hope to get at least 50 recipes which will fall into the categories of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert. Please submit by October 15th 2020.

Please fill in the details of your recipe in this submission form:

Please send us your images of yourself and your dish to (Naming files: Firstname_Lastname_1)

Excited to see your recipes! Visit for a preview of the current cookbook - we will keep updating it as we collect more recipes!


Update on Nov 21st 2020: We are excited to release the final cookbook featuring a total of 17 recipes, spanning 51 pages of deliciousness! Thank you to all the postdocs for contributing. 


Postdoc_Recipes.pdf13.63 MB