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HMPA Board Elections- Nominate yourself!

Hello fellow post-docs,

The Harvard Medical Postdoc Association (HMPA) would like to invite you to get involved and join one of our committees (described on our website). If you are interested in a leadership role, you can apply for any of the positions listed below by June 7th, and the new HMPA Board will be elected by the current Board. All positions are open to quad-based HMS post-docs as well as post-docs from affiliated hospitals, except for the Chair, who must be a quad-based HMS post-doc.
If you are interested in being part of one of the committees, but don’t want to lead one, please also reach out!
Application process
To nominate yourself for a position on the HMPA Board, your application should include the following:
1. Full name and email address
2. The position for which you are applying
3. A short description (250 words max.) of your motivation and previous relevant experience
Applications should be sent by email to Terri ( or Jing ( before June 7th.
Applicants must also attend a Board meeting at HMS on June 8th, at 12:30 pm. This will be a friendly and welcoming meeting that will serve as an opportunity for the current board to get to know you better and vice versa.
Listed here are the various positions you can apply for:
Committee chair positions 
Chair of Professional Development Committee
Responsibilities - organize programs to support the professional research and career development skills of post-docs by providing workshops/forums to address career-related issues such as grant writing, scientific writing, job searching, networking, etc.
Chair of Advocacy Committee
Responsibilities - collect and analyze information on employment conditions and benefits of post-docs; seek adequate benefits for members commensurate with level of education and skills, including a health plan, parental leave, childcare, disability insurance and retirement plan; seek recognition for post-docs as members of the campus community with a distinct set of contributions and needs; work to get a voice in campus decisions that affect post-docs.
Chair of Outreach Committee
Responsibilities - engage with other local, regional and national organizations that have missions that are relevant to the postdoctoral experience, such as the National Postdoctoral Association, in order to involve the HMPA in the broader discussion on how to improve the postdoctoral experience.
Chair of Social Committee
Responsibilities - foster a sense of community amongst post-docs by organizing events including socials, picnics, and trips or activities; organize events to provide opportunities for social, professional and academic networking.
Chair of Forum Committee
Responsibilities - organize and lead events that allow post-docs to interact with other post-docs with the goals of practicing professional skills (such as giving scientific talks and chalk talks) and receiving constructive criticism from peers in a safe and supportive environment.
Officer Positions
Chair (quad-based HMS postdoc only)
Responsibilities - being the chief officer of the Governing Board; making appointments and delegating responsibilities subject to the advice and consent of the Governing Board; presiding over all Board meetings; meeting with members of the faculty and administration as the representative of the HMPA; reporting HMPA business conducted by the Board to the members at general meetings; coordinating interactions with postdoctoral associations at other institutions as well as national organizations.
Vice-Chair of Liaisons
Responsibilities - liaising with the HMS/HSDM Office of Postdoctoral Fellows to coordinate policies and planning; maintaining an up-to-date calendar of events for HMPA activities; managing the email listserv and advertising HMPA activities via the listserv as needed; acting in the Chair’s stead in individual instances when the Chair is unable to perform his or her duty.
Vice Chair of Web Communications
Responsibilities - managing and updating the HMPA website; overseeing management of social media accounts; acting in the Chair’s stead in individual instances when the Chair is unable to perform his or her duty.
Responsibilities - recording the minutes of all Board meetings; distributing meeting minutes to all Board members within one week of the meeting; archiving meeting minutes (e.g. using Dropbox or other file-sharing system), acting in the Chair’s stead in individual instances when the Chair is unable to perform his or her duty.
Responsibilities - supervising the receipt and disbursement of all moneys, properties, securities and other evidence of financial worth of the HMPA; authorizing, subject to Board approval, financial transactions on behalf of the HMPA; maintaining records of all financial activities of the HMPA; preparing an annual financial statement; proposing a budget for approval of the Board committee; submitting the approved version of the budget to related offices; maintaining budget records for the HMPA; reporting regularly to the Governing Board and members on the financial status of the HMPA; overseeing fundraising efforts by the organization.
We hope you’ll join us!
Jing and Terri, 
HMPA Election Committee Co-Chairs
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